Dr. Sean Wise

Repliform Inc.

Charles Mire, Structur 3D

Sean Wise, RePliForm Inc.

Alex Hussain, 3DChimera

Mathew Fiedler, Re:3D

Rojin Belganeh, Frontier Laboratories

Mark Pothecary, Malvern Panalytical

Joe Lichtenhen, Hybrid Plastics

Tane Boghozian, NASA

CONTENT: Polymers and Materials are synonymous in many applications and everyday things. Yet they are two distinct terms when applied to the wide varied of properties that is associated with manufactured and engineered materials. This conference and workshop will focus on bridging the knowledge gap and appreciation for the properties of polymer materials when applied to additive manufacturing methods and 3D printing. This will involve delivering content to both novice and expert. Chemists, Metallurgists, and plastics engineers will find the requirements for performance limits most 3D printing objects as prototypes rather than replacement parts. Another is in finding new applications in tooling, parts replacement, molds, and high build volume applications that are becoming the realm of digital manufacturing.

RELEVANCE: This conference is open to both the novice and the highly experienced researcher. It will be highly valued by technical and marketing managers in the new knowledge on materials and methods it provides. For the researcher, it will connect real-world applications with basic technology platforms. The participant will learn the new developments in coatings technologies and the use of new high-performance polymers, smart additives and formulations methods including nanomaterials.  On the other hand, it is also a training venue for learning the fundamentals of polymers, 3D printing technology, characterization techniques, thermo-mechanical evaluation, etc.  in a relatively short time.

NETWORKING: The conference will be highly valued for the networking opportunities between experts and decision makers in R&D and marketing both in industry and academia. It will provide opportunities to meet with different companies and solution providers in materials, formulations, analytical methods, and project services.This will be a two-day Conference-Training meeting and premiere networking event that will draw participants from many in the industry: chemical companies, academia, coatings experts, formulators, applicators.

Dr. Sarah Karmel


OTHER SPEAKERS (more to be announced soon)



Dr. Charles Brumlik

Nanobiz LLC 

Materials + 3D   2019